Yousuke Fuyama

Ext.Asi.Play #86

Yousuke Fuyama

Yousuke Fuyama 1080 1080 Extended.Asia.Play


  1. Zk_8 (unreleased)
  2. groove-box
  3. the waves on the waves
  4. F.I( (AVI(MP4&MP2) )-Ifrms)

Vertical Spectral Mix

This is a “vertical mix” that synthesizes the spectrum data of multiple sound sources on the same time axis. This way is not the typical “horizontal mix” that x-fades signals on the following timeline and equalizes layering but decomposes and resynthesizes the internal structure of acoustic data by real-time spectral processing. The newly interpolated acoustic of the state like “neither but both” has generated in this structure.

Yousuke Fuyama is a composer, programmer, and audiovisual artist based in Tokyo, Japan. Holds an M.M.S (Master of Media Science). His creative practice in video, sound, installation, and graphic arts often involves digital programming and improvisational performance. This work explores the potential of audiovisual art as made possible by the interconversion of data across various interfaces and programs. Fuyama currently works as a researcher/technician at the Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency (JAXA). In recent years he has performed at the SonarSound Tokyo 2011, 2012 (Japan), EMAF (RedBull Music Academy)2013(Japan), SONICACTS 2013(Netherlands), Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2013 (South-Korea), OnSite 2013, 2014 (Taiwan), Kill The Silence Festival 2015 (HongKong). Multiple Tap Europe Tour 2015 (Denmark, Belgium, France), MultipleTap US Tour 2016 (Austin, Orlando, Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, WeSA-Media Art Festival 2016 (Korea), FÏME Festival 2017 (Querétaro, Mexico), Setouchi Triennale 2019 (Japan), Ende Tymes, PsychFest 2020 (USA).

He has been an Artist in Residency in Taipei Artist Village 2015 (Taiwan), VAR program USA2015 (USA, California) for making Exhibitions, Audio and Visual Programming workshops, and live performances.

Cover Artwork by Yousuke Fuyama


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