Dimar Utama

Ext.Asi.Play #85

Dimar Utama

Dimar Utama 1080 1080 Extended.Asia.Play
  1. Mouse On The Keys — Aom
  2. Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs — New Order
  3. Luminous Orange — Drop You Vivid Colours
  4. Nohone — Nothing But A Dream
  5. Moka Sato — Melt Bitter
  6. Sadesper Record — Lose Your Sight
  7. Homecomings — Cakes
  8. Summer Salt — Speaking Sonar
  9. sleepy.ab — Ikitsugi
  10. Yellow House — Blinding Sights (Left Me Cold in the Night)
  11. Yogee New Waves — Prism Heart
  12. Sapardi Djoko Damono — Di Restoran
  13. 13. bsd.u — Bebop

For Being Ignored

Being someone who is codependent on someone turns out to be tiring when a giver still ignores himself first than others, Once he’s down all of his builds are ruined in one flick. As a result, he has never been himself and never felt self-forgiveness if the pleaser was not reciprocal.

The ups and downs of the random waves in this mixtape are how it is a journey where a person becomes codependent, being ignored, and he who starts researching his own faults then gets up to discover how he fills his own needs first, then tries to give back.

Dimar Utama, his friends often call him Tebo as a nickname. creative director in graphic, product, and human environments. Universalists believe that inconsistency is including things that are consistent (in all aspects of both humans, and all their interests).

Cover Artwork by Dimar Utama



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