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All tracks on this mixtape take you deeper and deeper to the world of chocolate melt poison on fire.

Ramin Maneesiri a.k.a. Ramintra Trip Hop artist/DJ/beatmaker and vinyl collector based in Bangkok, Thailand. His passion for Triphop music convinced him to create Ramintra and released the debut album Because Of You in 2016 which featured five female singers. After the debut album, Ramin collaborated with Emmy Follett who was  featured in the first album. With the same working style and passion for electronic music, they released their second album Stellar Pledge in 2018. Now he made a project of Lo-fi Hip Hop Beatmaker style and released the album Dramatic, bringing Asian flavor and creative sampling to the classic Trip-Hop on limited cassette tape.

Photo by Ramin Maneesiri

His Youtube channel here
& His Soundcloud here


  1. Screenatorium — A Certain Shade Of Blue 
  2. Flunk — Chemistry And Math
  3. Saw Saw Saw — Prank Praw Wa 
  4. RSN — I Feel You
  5. Cyesm — In the Mirror
  6. Una — Fading In C # Minor 
  7. Yuna — Stay
  8. Hidden Tribe — Walk Alone
  9. Colours Of Melancholia — Labrador
  10. Polymyth — Devil



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