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Alvin Bahar

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“A bunch of interesting, happy-sounding indie pop/j-pop tracks, dedicated to the late Joshi wrestler, Hana Kimura.”

Alvin Bahar is a journalist based in Jakarta. He’s currently busy curating musicians for Rooftop Gigs, a monthly YouTube live session on various Kompas Gramedia media outlets.

Cover Photo by Alvin Bahar

  1. Sugar Plant — A Guide
  2. The Ships — Her Secret
  3. The Fin — Glowing Red On the Shore
  4. Post Modern Team — She Does Something To Me
  5. The Paellas — Lights
  6. Boyish — Waiting In Summer
  7. Summer & The 500 Days War — Gold Fish
  8. Anone — Cosmic Land
  9. Hawaii — Slow Beach
  10. Kaori Motoi — BGM


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