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A mix dedicated to favorite, lovely, and heart-warming friends/artists. Selected with the imaginary landscape of dragon. Where folklore, fantasies and mythical beings lies deep inside as a symbol of spirits what they believe.

Sanjonas is an artist, graphic designer, and producer that works on the spans of music and visual art. Spending most of his time surfing the internet made a big impact and influence on his perception when thinking what is real and unreal. He is also the co-founder of Bast Cultura (2019) music collective, founder of RAR Editions (2012) which is an inter-disciplinary collective focusing on research and archive-based project, and latest joined power πŸ˜› on SOFT/BRUTE Records (2020). Living between the collectives also enriched his personal works that crisscrossed and borderless. His EP titled “KANON” consist of five tracks with Loreng has been release on Functionlab (Hangzhou/China).

Cover Photo byΒ postpartysyndroma


  1. Wisanggeni β€” Mbangun Khayangan [SOFT/BRUTE | unreleased]
  2. Logic Lost β€” Pointless War Machine [SOFT/BRUTE | V/A Bruteforced 01]
  3. Loreng β€” Seven Headed Sea Serpent [Unreleased]
  4. ytem x utingling (xiao quan blend)
  5. kojikoji
  6. JAGAJAGA β€” ASTROBOTI [SOFT/BRUTE | V/A Bruteforced 01]
  7. AN System β€” Moss Charger
  8. Uglysituation β€” Dies Irae
  9. QQBBG β€” Hentai Babe [EM002]
  10. KRXNX β€” Bifrost
  11. Yikii β€” The Agonizer 9000
  12. Amok β€” Eling Lan Waspada (Glibly Ninja Remix)
  13. DJ ZVONIMIR β€” Freezing Moon [Rave Mix]
  14. OWVXX β€” Si Midun
  15. Amok β€” Telanjang Di Tengah Siang (Xin Lie Remix)
  16. Mahamboro β€” Murrah [SOFT/BRUTE | V/A Bruteforced 01]
  17. Magis β€” RPG-7 [SOFT/BRUTE | V/A Bruteforced 01]
  18. Sanjonas β€” Crybaby 10:6 [Unreleased]


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