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Teenage Granny

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A spectrum of light and shadowy strange moods under a pandemic period; music for dance, purge, and prayer.

The title of this mixtape is a saying that means “In darkness, light.” The songs here aim to capture the moods people commonly experience during this period of pandemic and crisis, oscillating violently between heaviness or depression and bliss or lightness of being. At a fragile time when a subtle remark can be a political gesture, we are transitioning into another zeitgeist where we as a people are crucially raising our consciousness for better or for worse. All artists of the songs selected here are people of color.

Alyana Cabral a.k.a. Teenage Granny has a penchant for contrasts, fusing traditional with experimental, pop with poetry, the Internet with real-life, and the earthly and the mystical in her music. She is deeply inspired by cinema, dabbling in score work for horror and psychological drama films. Hailing from the Philippines, she has performed over Southeast Asia and did a 3-month residency in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As an advocate, she is a member of SAKA (Artist Alliance for Genuine Land Reform and Rural Development).

Cover Photo by Inah Maravilla


  1. Angela Davis Statement
  2. Alice Coltrane — Nataraja
  3. Pantayo — Bronsé
  4. Maylee Todd — Virtual Life
  5. Rompiste Mis Flores — Oscuridad
  6. Like Animals — Alta
  7. Itos Ledesma — After Mallo, or Bent Funereal on a Day Twice Deactivated by Mineral Silence
  8. Lykanthea — Telos
  9. Ana Roxanne — Immortality



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