La Douche Vita

EXT.ASI: DISCOVERY #S8 Through Your Hands Love Can Shine

La Douche Vita

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Through Your Hands Love Can Shine

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? (Sonnet 18)”

Everyone deserves a love that always feels like summer. This playlist is mostly Asti Surya all time favorite summer tunes. And basically ultimate love/bucin tracks from time to time. Compiled from one to another love story of mine. Because there is nothing than to love and be loved. Enjoy the love-bombing day(s). Carpe diem.

La Douche Vita is a project by Asti Surya that pays tribute to those sun-filled holidays, friendly festivities and everyday encounters. Each piece has been lovingly and ethically manufactured using local fabrics and sewn to perfection by the crafty team in Bandung, Indonesia. 

Eclectic colours and shapes are the heart of La Douche Vita, bringing in effortless wear for both casual or formal days. Though focused on details and form, each piece ensures comfort to those who wear it.

La Douche Vita believes in fair-trade business, sustainable production and supporting economic empowerment for the locals.


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