Ari Dina

EXT.ASI: DISCOVERY #S9 21 Jam Lagu-lagu Ari Dina

Ari Dina

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’21 Jam Lagu-lagu Ari Dina

“Beragam ragam, suka suka, dendang dendang, pukul pukul, genjreng genjreng yang dipilih dari pertama kali mengetahui tentang Spotify. ” – Ari Dina

Most of the songs in this playlist have rock genetics with a distorted sound, with a total of 315 tracks with a total duration of 21 hours to accompany you this weekend. The songs in this playlist are Ari Dina’s choice when he first found-out Spotify.

Ari Dina Krestiawan is an artist.  filmmakers, and educators who now prefer to play football.

Photo credit : © Izzatishot Sport Photography


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