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Zarinka Soiko

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Many things have influenced my aesthetic background. A considerable part of it—soviet union inheritance, which is quite hard to avoid if you were born in one of the eastern European countries. Since European or American cultural influence was weak and limited, people invented their own music with a great deal of everything that was happening around. It resonates with limits, risk, hope, and hidden creative aspirations.

This mixtape is what still gives us such a mood and a feeling of that kind of view on aesthetic. Over the course of years, it was reinvented and get appreciated.

Zarinka Soiko was born and raised in the special region of Ukraine – its west part. At some point realized that she could remake and reinvent her own perceiving of the world in totally different terms, contrary to those which everyone has for granted. That’s what led her to the particular state of mind – artist. Uses the circle as a universal means of approaching everything that is perceived by the senses. She tries to recreate the aesthetics of some things without explaining it. Considers the aesthetics of things to be their core.

She participated in number of exhibitions in Ukraine and Asia, she held four solo exhibitions in Ukraine and some international online art projects. Some of her artworks have become personal collections in Ukraine, Czech Republic, USA, Brazil, Lebanon, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, Hong Kong, and Australia. Besides that she has also made music album covers, book illustrations, clothing designs, murals and social spaces visuals.

Cover Photo by Zarinka Soiko


  1. Альянс — На заре (1987)
  2. Руся — Русалонька (1989)
  3. НРГ — Проснись! (1989)
  4. Кино — Закрой за мной дверь, я ухожу (1988)
  5. Технология — Странные танцы
  6. Russya — Don’t Stand Beneath The Window (Руся – Не Стій Під Вікном) (1992)


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