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Repetition Crackers

I’ve always loved to listen to a song which has a lot of repetitions yet doesn’t sound boring. “Repetition Crackers” filled with my selection of songs from different genre but share one thing in common, the repetition. Just like when you munch on snacks, take and repeat!.

Octavia Variana atau kerap disapa Via adalah bassis dari @healsmusic

Cover Illustration by Octavia Variana

  1. Cave — The Juan
  2. Karl Hector & The Malcouns — Rush Hour
  3. Alain Goraguer — Le Bracelet
  4. Klaus Johann Grobe — Out of Reach
  5. Dungen — Fredag
  6. Moon Duo — Lost Heads
  7. Cavern of Anti-Matter — Phase Modulation Shuffle
  8. Allah-Las — Raspberry Jam
  9. Can — Don’t Say No
  10. Holy Fuck — Grease Fire



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