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NI L’UN NI L’AUTRE (Neither One Nor the Other). I guess this title echoes how I feel about musical expressions in the digital age, where different influences overlap and fluidly collide with one another. In an era where the internet has facilitated interconnected cultures, these artists defy preconceptions of music genres and origins. Beirut-born Parisian Tarek Atoui experiments with unconventional objects in composing unique electro-acoustic sounds and performances. Kuwaiti musician and conceptual artist Fatima Al Qadiri’s genre-defying music incorporates diverse influences that challenges easy categorization. Bladee and Yung Lean’s blends of Scandinavian hip hop, pop, and electronic elements create a fresh sonic landscape. Princess Nokia’s empowering artistry and words challenge societal norms. rEmPiT g0dDe$$’s music spans industrial club to deconstructed sounds while Shelheil brings a distinct voice with hyperpop influences; both represent the Southeast Asian music scene’s diversity. The playlist also includes versatile collaborations like the Lebanese talent Anthony Sahyoun feat. Julia Sahbra with their exceptional beats, and an on-repeat track by contemporary music goddess Caroline Polachek feat. Grimes and Dido. –LALUNE

LALUNE is how Amanda Ariawan and some of her friends like to call her her on the internet. IRL, she is a bookworm and works as an art writer and curator. On the web she is less boring; she co-founded the virtual nightclub KLUBKIDUL and the digital exhibition platform Anthology of Metaverses. In both realms, she loves being an observer, keeping her eye and ear on fresh creations by contemporary artists and musicians.

IMG artwork by LALUNE


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