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。☆* exciting music゚♪*。・

Biasanya, kalau saya buat mixtape itu spesifik untuk mood tertentu. Like I used to make this mixtape series called Living on Heights (Part 1 to 11) on 8tracks yang tujuannya untuk menciptakan suasana sky lounge. Nah, untuk mixtape ini, I’m trying to fuse together a couple of genres (electronic, math-rock, jazz, post-punk and experimental hip-hop) in one big theme that is excitement with a little sprinkle of chaos.

Indira Tjokorda is a Balinese girl who was born in Jakarta. Graduated from ITB and now working as a research assistant. During her college days she worked as a music director in 8EH Radio ITB and was also as producer for a show called IndieRun. She was also a resident DJ on since 2014 until they finally closed down in early 2020.

Cover Photo by Indira Tjokorda


  1. Sweet Trip — Pro: Lov: Ad
  2. Trash Bed — Guerilla Toss
  3. Tigran Hamasyan — Levitation 21
  4. Death Grips — Government Plates
  5. Black Midi — Years Ago
  6. Aphex Twin — Carn Marth
  7. Flying Lotus — Cold Dead
  8. Melt Banana — Candy Gun
  9. Machine Girl — The Fortress (The Blood Inside…)
  10. Battles — Ambulance
  11. Clipping — Wriggle
  12. Lightning Bolt — Dead Cowboy
  13. SOPHIE — XTC Acid
  14. Three Trapped Tigers — 6


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