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BRUTEFORCED 01 is the first compilation EP from SOFT/BRUTE, Yogyakarta based label. This time we invited 4 artists from across cities and scenes in Indonesia, to encourage the experimentation of contemporary club & electronic sounds from the various sonic spectrum.

This EP begins with Magis from Bandung who will launch RPG-7 to ruin every established club concretes in Jakarta. Then Logic Lost came to stop because it was a Pointless War Machine. But it all happened, and suddenly while you get blackout JAGAJAGA kidnaps you to the chaotic & harsh side of life in Bali. He shows you his broken shuttle space Astroboti which take-off faster than any mental hospital emergency rescue in these states. In the end, Mahamboro wakes you up rudely with his incitement sound Murrah to realized everything that happened before just merely fiction.


Magis — RPG – 7


03:24 am, blue lights and stash is overflowing, fast cars racing, running the streets with joystick. They’re aiming, not knowing what’s coming for them and just like that, the night’s wasted.

Magis (Magista Aristyo) is a Bandung, Indonesia-based selector who is a staple of the regional dance music scene. Unconstrained by genre yet distingushed by the moody sounds and aura he brings into the night. He currently helps organize recurring dance nights, Clubdansla and Xiblinx, both in Bandung.

Produced, Mixing & Mastering by: Magis
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Logic Lost – Pointless War Machine


“i’ve been reading about war technology recently and read about these two monstrosities called the Paris Gun and the bertha howitzer in WWI. They are capable of incredible damage but are ineffective in battle and existed merely as symbols of western cockiness and their eternal lust for war. Therefore pointless war machines.”

Logic Lost is a Jakarta-based producer. Since 2012 taking influences from ambient, drone, trip-hop and other experimental element and process it into meaningful sounds. His music has been described by media publications and from the mouths of people in many superlatives of “ambient”. “frightening”, “very personal” to “depressing” to “docile”, “dreamy” and “ordinary”. All these description is depent on the listeners. Logic Lost has been released by Orange Cliff Records, Tandem Tapes, DEAD Records, Gerpfast Kolektif and Blank.Orb Recordings.

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JAGAJAGA — Astroboti


You are in the comfort of your own rocket. Blasting into space with your broken engine. Burning in flames caused by the unbalanced amount of fuel and oxidizer. Too much hydrazine and steered by the loose mind of the captain. But, you are not even worried. As you take confident steps towards uncertainty, you remember how fucked up the world you live in is and you just want to head anywhere but where you were. Life is meant to be lived, not to be spent guessing what’s going to happen next.

JAGAJAGA was born in 2017, fueled by Chaos Non Musica’s collective spirit which emerged a year before. The desire to get to know people within the same scene and the passion to organize gigs by and for friends in the experimental music realm became the main inspiration for JAGAJAGA’s character formation in music. This collective pulsation guards his exploration doors in music to remain open and encourages him to create without any genre limitations.

This ego project of Pierre Alvian has released a couple of EPs, including No Godz No Masteringz (Ohoi Recs, 2018) and FUNKOT666 (Self-Released, 2019). Currently, he is in the works of creating several collaborative singles with his comrade-in-arms. JAGAJAGA is also the brain behind Justincase, a music selector project delivering energy from the same dancefloor through a distinct style.

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Mahamboro — Murrah


The Enemy of God”, or “Musuh tuhan”. Using the sound as incitement, not using words, sulks in order to create schism which ultimately only see chaos as personal entertainment. “Berperanglah, bertengkarlah, jika pertunjukannya membosankan aku akan pergi!” (in english : “war & fight as you can ! if the show are boring i’ll leave !”)

Mahamboro (born 1991) based in Yogyakarta, is a composer, musician, producer, sound editor. Trained in classical music for seven years, Master from Indonesian Institute of Art. Mahamboro pursued a diverse range of styles and instruments (saxophone, clarinet, piano, guitar, synthesizer and his self-made instrument). He has produced several albums and has produced music for dance productions, performance art, and film.

In his artistic work, Mahamboro practice are focused on exploring, exporting, mix different form of sound, from “acoustical” stuff to “synthetic” stuff. Showing music or sound in unconventional performative, art using DIY media basic in sounds, new approaches of experimentally explore with some self-made device also unused material.

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