A Conversation with Randy Danishta

VJ>Play Podcast #004

A Conversation with Randy Danishta

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VJ>Play Podcast edisi keempat ini kami berbincang dengan Randy Danistha dari Jakarta. Seorang musisi dan pengelola Indomodular sebuah kolektif instrumen modular synthesizer yang berbasis di Indonesia. Dalam perbincangan kali ini, Randy Danistha berbagi tentang sistem kerja modular, Kemudian cara kerja Indomodular serta perihal praktik berkaryanya.

Indomodular is a community between fellow users, hobbyists, performers, and builders of modular synthesizer instruments based in Indonesia. Founded in 2017 by Randy Danistha and Bagus Pandega, the community began with the intention to create a communication forum between fellow modular synth players. And just like a forum, Indomodular can be a place to share knowledge about modular synthesizers which are actually very diverse in number, with a variety of features, characters, and functions. Nowadays, they are also open to the possibilities of performing on stage without fixed personnels. (Indomodular).

Photo Documentation by Randy Danistha



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