Rico Prasetyo

EXT.ASI: DISCOVERY #S12 Sink, Sank, Sunk

Rico Prasetyo

Rico Prasetyo 2000 2000 Extended.Asia.Play


An a fictional story of this playlist: “As the cosmic force flowed through her veins, she hit play on her specially curated playlist. Each song was carefully chosen to evoke a cosmic energy, from the ethereal melodies of Lone’s “Triple Helix” to the pulsing beats of Flying Lotus “Zodiac Shit.” As her headphones blocked out the world around her, she felt a sense of connection to the universe that could not be explained by earthly means. It was as if every sound wave reverberating in her eardrums was a tiny echo of the cosmic force that bound all things together. With each note, she felt herself being lifted higher and higher into the infinite expanse of the cosmos, surrounded by stars and galaxies that twinkled in time with the music. As the playlist ended with Yung.Raj’s “Oofie” she slowly returned to reality, but the cosmic force remained a part of her, humming quietly beneath her skin”.

Sink, Sank, Sunk! selected by Rico Prasetyo

IMG Credit by Simon Lee



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