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In this mixtape, Kaizen wants to give the sense of dancing in a tribe that is accompanied with the sounds of hard drums.

Brigitta Ancilla, also known as Kaizen, is a Jakarta based DJ. Started DJ-ing on the early of 2019 and becoming a fast learner on digging hard drums, deconstructed or “post-club” music and blends with heavy-weight bass music. She is also one of the forces in Bast Cultura, a collective in order to search the probability of collecting contemporary human’s sound experience, and showcasing them in their way. Kaizen also operates in Distinkt Riddim, a party series that has been going on in Jakarta which also has been featured in an online radio show based in Guadalajara, Mexico called Internet Public Radio.

  • De Grandi — TTP
  • Sunareht – Mole Hunt
  • Scratchclart – Reload Ayers
  • Ovid – Dustbringer
  • Jeremiah Meece – Mystic Nudes (Scim Remix)
  • Scim & Millia Rage – Withrae
  • Color Plus – Margiela Booty Clap
  • Suda – Idiopath
  • Vhs Afrika – Usandem
  • MM – HFL Track



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