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The mix tape itself carry the title of I Had A Dream About You and It Was Okay because it contains several song recommendations from some people that took the charge of intimate relationships throughout my personal life with a little twist with the songs that I consider represent the current emotional ambiance that I went through in facing their presence. I Had A Dream About You and It was Okay contains various genres such as House, Darkwave, Drum n Bass, EBM, and IDM.

Haxanized is the DJ moniker of Bandung-based musician, poet, model and multi-media artist, Karina Sokowati. She is a founding member the female-based art collective, Fat Velvet and the singer for all female punk band, Bananach.

  • Hamatsuki – Unexplainable Inner Sadness
  • Sleep Party People – I’m Not Human At All
  • Untitled Artist – Untitled
  • Tzusing – Torque Pulsations
  • Potro Joyo – Sesembahan
  • Untitled Artist – Untitled
  • Black Merlin – Tanksport
  • White Ring – LXC999
  • Untitled Artist – Untitled
  • Forest Swords – Raw Language
  • DJ PoolBoi – Like We Were The Last Two People On Earth
  • Untitled Artist – Untitled
  • Deep Dish – Mohammad Is Jesus…



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