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Peculiar Odyssey

A short trip into the unknown. Because losing yourself in music is visceral and cause you live in the moment. On the beginning of the journey there’s a masterpiece from the legend, Jeff Mills. Then continued slightly didgeridoo touch by Spacetime Continuum with Terence McKenna as an ethnobotanist who talk about shamanism and psychedelic plants. Before the end of the journey, Apiento & Co will lead us into a hooky piano drifts. Also a remix version of music project by Wolfgang Tillmans (beside consist of his great range of photographic and video works) which was originally recorded in 1986. For the very last journey, will be brought by George Thompson from Black Merlin, also through his Karamika for the third track. Most of all it contains selection from my most favourite to the least favourite tracks.

Ayash is a Yogyakarta based Indonesian artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Her experience started in underground circles, from music or art scene —any sources that shaped her artistic endeavours, from eye to ear. And her high exploration soul will be her forever quests to learning diverse areas of art to complete her adventures.

Cover Illustration by Ayash Laras

  1. Jeff Mills — Planet X
  2. Spacetime Continuum — Archaic Revival (with Terrence McKenna)
  3. Karamika — Ton 03
  4. Pletnev — Almost Equal
  5. Simic — Atwater Dance
  6. Back From The Wave — Cosmic Dancer
  7. Dino Lenny — Secret Tapes
  8. Fringe Society – Glenn Danzig, It’s Not Your Fault
  9. Dead Luck (½GOTT Edit by Scannoir)
  10. Curses — New Dimension
  11. Apiento & Co — She Walks
  12. Wolfgang Tillmanns — Fast Lane (Justin Strauss & Bryan Mette remix)
  13. Black Merlin — The Alpaca Pet Boys



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