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“Consisting of tracks ranging from post-rock to prog-rock, this mixtape called “ECQ” is a portrayal of my everyday life in quarantine inside the four walls of my bedroom whether I’am daydreaming or being productive. During this enhanced community quarantine accompanied by the scorching hot weather, listening to these songs makes me feel like in a trance of living a normal life again just before those fateful months when the coronavirus pandemic started.”.

Ace is a visual artist and musician from the Philippines. He is a member of Noisebath PH, an experimental sound collective in the Philippines and plays with the free improvisation noise duo, Shinrikyö and did a live performance with Ryosuke Kiyasu (JPN). He is also the vocalist for the Filipino sludge/doom metal band, Sälöt.

Cover Photo by Ace Alamillo

  1. God Is an Astronaut — The End of the Beginning
  2. God Is an Astronaut — From Dust to the Beyond
  3. God Is an Astronaut — Forever Lost
  4. God Is an Astronaut — Echoes
  5. Russian Circles — Harper Lewis
  6. Porcupine Tree — Trains
  7. Antimatter — Paranova
  8. Anathema — Lightning Song


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