A Conversation with Iman Fattah

VJ>Play Podcast #002

A Conversation with Iman Fattah

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VJ>Play Podcast edisi kedua ini kami berbincang dengan Iman Fattah dari Jakarta dan sekarang tinggal di Los Angeles, California. Dia seorang komponis, musisi dan baru saja lulus dari University of California Los Angeles Extension jurusan music production. Dalam bincang-bincang kali ini, Iman berbagi kisah tentang pengalaman studi bunyi di Los Angeles, Kemudian cara kerjanya dengan beberapa software musik serta perihal praktik berkaryanya.

Iman Fattah, musician, sound artist, and a writer from Indonesia, currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Being born into a family that dedicates their lives for music is something that I consider a privilege: an Indonesian living legend bass player as a father and a fearless international concert promoter as a mother. I grew up breathing music in and out, and now I have collaborated and worked with inspiring people from all walks of life. I have worked on various projects such as music production, sound design, sound for theater, film scoring, gallery exhibition, and fashion runway, to name I few. I accept projects that are both meaningful for me or aesthetically challenging: from non-profit independent experiment shows to big commercial projects for advertising agencies. Yes, I have bills to pay, but I never let that limit my creative pursuit (imanfattah.rocks).

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