Romana Chaniago

Ext.Asi.Play #90

Romana Chaniago

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  1. The Maghreban Crime Jazz
  2. Talaboman The Ghost Hood
  3. Dopplereffekt  Superior Race
  4. Assembler Code Fold
  5. Tzusing   Esther
  6. Acid Arab Buzq Blues
  7. La Caution Thé à la Menthe Instrumental
  8. Kalbata Al Shark
  9. Khidja Mustafa (Timothy J Fairplay Remix)
  10. L.F.T. Dollkraut Keine Angst Dollkraut Remix

On a daily basis, I always listen to songs as my companion while doing my everyday tasks, even just walking home from my parents shop. This mixtape selection is based on my mood recently, hoping it can be your companion as well..enjoy

Romana Chaniago (B.Tenggarong, February 1996) completed her Interior Design study at the National Institute of Technology Bandung in 2019. She has been actively embroidering since 2019 in various mediums such as clothing, canvas, fabric, and postcards. She organized a workshop entitled Re-mate on recycling clothing through embroidery while in Bandung. With Theo Nugraha, she participated in Nandur Srawung exhibition #8 ECOSYSTEM: pranåtåmångså at Taman Budaya Yogyakarta in 2021.

Artwork by Romansa


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