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Dea Karina

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Ini mixtape aku buat khusus untuk teman-teman perempuan yang harus menghadapi social distancing di tengah-tengah pandemi Corona ini. Semoga playlist ini dapat membantu mereka dalam mengeksplorasi apapun yang mereka mau…

Dea currently plays around with various ambient, noise, and electronic sounds. She is half of a womxn experimental duo based in London called Tujuh Kuda and has released an album called “Lotek” by The Dark Outside that was featured in The Wire. Her solo projects include an ambient EP released by Mindblastworks Netlabel and a 3-way split with Theo Nugraha and Bergegas Mati by Gerpfast Records. She has performed solo at Jogja Noise Bombing 2018 and 2020.

Cover Illustration by Dea Karina

  1. Saäda Bonaire — More Women
  2. Jennifer Lara — I Am In Love
  3. Idris Muhammad — Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
  4. Sun Ra — Enlightment
  5. Carole King — It’s Too Late
  6. Feist — Inside and Out
  7. Pino D’Angiò — Okay Okay


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