Alexey Kondart

Ext.Asi.Play #93

Alexey Kondart

Alexey Kondart 1080 1080 Extended.Asia.Play

Track list:

  1. Psiina I
  2. Rådiövölnå GSW 
  3. Окнаглаза Всевозможная гамма
  4. Obscure Dissonance 1
  5. Drew Morgan Lee ялюблютебя 2.0 
  6. Inton Mor (11-07 am) Yearning
  7. Clear Yirid —  Ты не услышишь 
  8. HI SYSTEM Planets, Underwater Space, Dirt, Knowledge  
  9. Rådiövölnå —  Наши встречи (feat. Beluga)
  10. Exhimora —  II skotia
  11. ДУМ Менора
  12. Zurikat Ktulhu & Rådiövölnå IV. Korka
  13. Yёrg Distorted Tool
  14. 3:00 a.m. аутро
  15. Rådiövölnå Riegel  
  16. Rådiövölnå 43°07’10.1N 131°53’30.4E
  17. Aprilveahcu Lonely Souls 
  18. контрольные отпечатки лай собак
  20. Rådiövölnå Modulus
  21. Rådiövölnå Rhizome
  22. Yzymyr 6
  23. Rådiövölnå Chroma
  24. Low Fiction Concentration 
  25. перемотанное море Вакуум
  26. Rådiövölnå Phanos
  27. Rådiövölnå и плачу мой дорогой мальчик (feat. Potselueva)
  28. Латунь полдень
  29. Rådiövölnå Lanterna
  30. Rådiövölnå Sein Und Zeit

This mixtape was recorded from the tracks of the musicians of my small bandcamp label. The music presented in the mixtape is basically calm and quiet electronics, sometimes flowing into hard techno-rhythms. In the mixtape I also used tracks from my project rådiövölnå.i.

Alex Kondart is a musician and street photographer from Vladivostok, located in the Far East of Russia. He has lived all his life with music and photography. Alex prefers to write drone and ambient music using cassette loops and various simple synthesizers. You can see his photographs on his Instagram page – (@my_own_private_universe).

Cover Artwork by @my_own_private_universe


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